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NAFV Partnering with FEDS to Provide PLI for State & Local Vets

NAFV Partnering with FEDS to Provide PLI for State & Local Vets

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FEDS Protection – Now Offering Coverage for State & Local Veterinarians Through NAFV 

WASHINGTON, DC. (April 1, 2020) - In keeping with its commitment to providing members and affiliates with high quality professional liability insurance (PLI) products at great prices, the National Association of Federal Veterinarians (NAFV) has partnered with FEDS Protection to provide coverage to our State and local Public Health Veterinary affiliates. 

In March 2020, NAFV unveiled new affiliate categories that provide access to most NAFV benefits for public practice veterinarians working outside of the Federal Government. Included in these affiliate categories is our State-Affiliate category which includes veterinary medical officers working in state or local public health and regulatory programs. We have done this in collaboration with the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV). Effective April 1, 2020, NASPHV members and others joining NAFV as an associate will have access to FEDS’ PLI coverage through NAFV’s “member-only” portal. 

Through our relationship with FEDS Protection over the past decade, Tony Vergnetti, President of FEDS Protection, and his staff have demonstrated their unique understanding of the professional exposures of federally employed public health veterinarians and what it takes to meet their needs. Through this effort, we are excited to extend such coverage to state public health veterinarians, who are important counterparts to Federal Veterinarians in the nation’s overall public and animal health and food safety infrastructures. In adding state & local veterinarians to the federal veterinary insurance pool, we have made it possible for them to access this PLI at an affordable price.

Dr. Joe F. Annelli, NAFV Executive Vice President on this new effort: “We are proud to be partnering with our state counterparts in being able to offer this new affiliate category and access to insurance that is otherwise not available in the regular market. Appreciating the unique roles and responsibilities that public health and regulatory veterinarians hold, it is our hope that this coverage provides a safety net that allows you all perform those critical duties with peace of mind.” 

The mission of FEDS Protection, built by an attorney who worked for a federal agency, is consistent with NAFV’s in its intense desire to educate and help today’s federal employees. According to Tony Vergnetti, President and Founder of FEDS Protection, “The life of a civil servant can be turned upside down in an instant if professional liability insurance is not part of an overall personal and familial protective strategy.

NAFV understands the unrelenting criticisms of programs, policies, and procedures and how scrutiny and allegations, arising out of federal scope of employment, result in the need for the average hard-working federal employee to have experienced and tenacious legal representation at a price they can afford. We are truly honored to be chosen as the professional liability insurance provider by NAFV and look forward to a long, committed relationship to protect its members and affiliate members government wide.”

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